HaMuNa® Care – FFP2 Mask

Made in Germany

Flu waves and the corona pandemic have shown us how important personal protection against infections with viruses and bacteria is. A filtering half mask is the best every day protection in all public places.

The newly developed half mask from Hahnemühle with excellent filter performance represents personal protective equipment (PPE) and protects the carrier from particles, droplets, and aerosols.

The air becomes filtered by both in and exhalation, and thus also serves as external protection. Is comfortable to wear, non-irritating, and seals very well. Fogging of glasses is thereby significantly reduced. The material is odour-free with a pleasant surface.

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Product Features

Components are:

  • • Three high particle filtering fleece layers, thermally bonded polypropylene fibers
  • • Individually adjustable galvanized nosepiece with HDPE coating
  • • Elastic bands made of polyamide and elastane


• Approval as PPE according to DIN EN149: 2001 + A1: 2009 –FFP2 NR
• Almost 98% filter efficiency against solid and liquid aerosols for optimal protection
• Additional quality label "Covid Certified Filter (CCF) 0158 150 Nano"
• CE marking


• Light, high-quality fabric for comfort wearing
• Individually adjustable nose clip for greatly reduced fogging of the glasses
• Elastic, comfortable rubber bands
• Odour-free materials

Important: The mask does not protect against gases and vapours.


2 years from the date of manufacture when stored in the original packaging, away from contaminated areas, dust, sunlight, temperature extremes, excessive moisture, and harmful chemicals.
Recommended storage temperatures between - 20 °C and + 40 °C and relative humidity of less than 60%.