Filter media for mouth and nose cover

Made in Germany

Hahnemühle offers various filter media for personal and home-made protection masks for covering the mouth and nose. The filters are made from high-purity cellulose or synthetic fibers to filter coarse particles from air.
They can be set between other open fabrics or used as an interchangeable insert in the pocket of a sewn mask. The filter media differ in their thickness, elasticity and air permeability.

All filter papers can be processed by cutting, pleating and gluing. Hahnemühle offers you filter media in various roll and sheet formats to match your desired further processing.

All filter medias can be easily requested here.
Please find all data sheets from our HaMuNa® Care range here.

Product Features

Grade Weight (g/m²) Thickness (mm) Air permeability (l/qm*s) Material
520a 90 0,3 130 Cellulose
520bII 135 0,5 120 Cellulose
0048 130 0,68 1350 Cellulose, Synthetic
New: GS7AV 65 0,61 420 Semi-synthetic, water-resistant

The filter papers listed are non-medical devices in the sense of the Medical Devices Act