Blotting Paper

Recommended for blotting techniques with gels.

  • Made from ultrapure cotton linters and cellulose, entirely without additives to ensure that no contamination will occur during the transfer steps.

  • Tested specifically for chromatographic and blotting techniques to ensure high and uniform capillary actions and even transfers.

  • High wet strength for safe handling.

  • Applicable on Southern, Northern and Western blots and semidry blotting.

These grades are available as sheets with standard dimensions 46 x 57 cm and 58 x 60 cm. Rolls and cuts with special dimensions are available on request.

Product reference: BP0024657, BP0025860, BP0034657, BP0035860, BP0054657, BP0055860.

Pack size per box is: 100 units of type BP002, 50 units of type BP003, 25 units of type BP005.

Grade Properties Surface Thickness [mm] Weight [gsm]
BP002 medium absorbency smooth 0,35 192
BP003 medium absorbency smooth 0,90 320
BP005 hight absorbency smooth 1,50 570