Cartuchos de microfibra de cuarzo

Recommended for analysis of particles and aerosols in gases and air.


  • Filters made of pure quartz microfibre (SiO2), free of binding elements or additives
  • Extremely low content in alkali-earth metals.
  • Excellent retention of very fine particles through the adsorption mechanisms of quartz fibres: > 99 % according to BS 4400.
  • Air permeability: extremely high.  Able to pass through large volumes of air.
  • Excellent chemical stability with hardly any loss of filter-material due to chemical reactions under extreme conditions with acid gases (HCl, SO2, SO3, H2SO4, NO and NO3); except HF.
  • High resistance to solvents.
  • Higher temperature resistance than glass microfiber, up to 1000ºC.
Calidad eficiencia % [partículas 0,3 μm] T máxT [°C]
CFQ >99 1000
Medida Referencia
Ø 19 x 90 mm CFQ19090
Ø 22 x 80 mm CFQ22080
Ø 25 x 100 mm CFQ25100
Ø 26 x 60 mm CFQ26060
Ø 30 x 100 mm CFQ30100
Ø 33 x 94 mm CFQ33094
Ø 43 x 123 mm CFQ43123