The extraction of sugar from sugar beets and sugar cane is continuously monitored. We offer filter papers for the clarification of sugar extracts, which have

  • a high filtration speed combined with high retention of particles, and 
  • a smooth or creped surface

Target Application:

Sample preparation for inline control of sugar isolation processes.
Analysis of ingredients, contaminants and microbiological quality according to the § 64 Para.1 and 2  LFBG German law for food, feed and utensils.
The average ash content of our quantitative papers is 0,004%, and 0,002% ash of the hardened quantitative papers - the purest paper in the filter market.

- Clarification of dried beet pulp extracts
- Filtration of beet juice after addition of lead acetate for polarimetric sugar determination
- 3459 is recommended for Venema unit according to the sodium acetate method

Target User:

  • QC departments of producing industries in the area of sugar and sirup
  • independent institutes
  • governmental control labs for food&beverages





Polarimetric determination

of sugar

Clarification of dried beet pulp extracts

Fast filtration paper


Venema, sodium acetate methode

Filtration for polarimetric determination of sugar

Fast, creped filter paper


Gravimetric analyses 1) 

Filtration (Büchner funnel)

Filter paper, quantitative analysis




Clarification of organic samples

0.2 mm regenerated cellulose syringe filter

0.2 mm regenerated cellulose membrane

SCR 020 25 100

CR 020 47 BL

Filtration of mobile phases

0.45 mm regenerated cellulose membranes

CR 045 47 BL 

Microbiological analyses

Retention of microorganisms

0.2 and 0.45 mm sterile cellulose nitrate membrane, white, gridded

NCS 020 47 BC

NCS 045 47 BC

Optimisation of filtration

Prefiltration before  use of  membranes

Glass microfibre filters

GF 9

Analysis of sucrose

Clarification of samples of sugar syrup

0.45 mm cellulose acetate syringe filter

0.45 mm cellulose acetate membranes

SAC 045

AC 045

Protection of apparatus and surfaces


Absorbent paper with polyethylene layer

295 PE


1)  § 64 Para.1 and 2  LFBG German law for food, feed and utensils