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Quality Management

Hahnemühle strives to offer products and services that consistently meet our customers’ requirements and expectations by applying a strict quality management system. The DEKRA certification confirms that Hahnemühle meets all the requirements set out in DIN EN ISO 9001. The use of our quality management system guarantees a high standard of quality and a competitive position in international markets with increasingly stringent quality requirements.

Moreover, the certification documents our intense customer focus, which covers every stage of the value chain from product development to service provision. Ongoing further product development and continuous process improvements allow us to exceed the required quality standards. Product manufacturers and quality assurance institutions must measure a product’s performance and quality in a wide range of applications to verify its suitability. ISO/EN standards, guidelines issued by shareholder associations and state agencies stipulate the processes and tools for each application, not to mention the thresholds that must be observed. Filter papers from Hahnemühle provide a high degree of security. Hahnemühle syringe filters and membranes are subject to stringent quality checks both during and after production. Finished products’ storage life in the warehouse is constantly monitored. Each filter holder also undergoes the following five tests: bubble point, burst pressure, membrane adsorption, flow rate and extractable substances.

Hahnemühle has been a ‘Brand of the Century’ since 2016 and is part of the exclusive circle of Germany’s strongest brands.


Clean water, natural fibres, first-rate expertise in paper production and absolute quality awareness have formed the foundation of our success for over 435 years. Using precious resources such as water, fibres and energy carefully and responsibly is a matter of course for us. The water we use to produce our valuable FineArt papers comes straight from the source and is set apart by its particularly high level of purity, meaning it requires no chemical treatment whatsoever. Even at the end of the production cycle, the wastewater has not been contaminated with pollutants and is returned to the river as high-quality water.

As a paper manufacturer ISO14001 certified for environmental management

Hahnemühle has recently been certified for all its sustainability measures and its environmentally sensitive actions according to the ISO 14001 guideline for environmental management. This is part of Hahnemühle's journey to a carbon neutral future.