Our Product Range

Hahnemühle FineArt manufactures special papers for industrial purposes, according to clients’ specifications, also in small production batches.
For and in close co-operation with our clients we develop special papers from
60 g/m² to 700 g/m² (unsized) or from 90 g/m² to 600 g/m² (stock sized), calendered, felt mark or creped. The papers are between 0,09 mm and 1,5 mm thick. Working width is about 128 cm. Our papers destined for your production processes or as finished products can be mineral free, extremely absorbent or highly waterproof.

With regard to purity we supply papers made from extremely pure cellulose from different types of trees and countries as well as cotton linters of the best quality, and in addition we use only raw fiber glass from extremely homogenous blends with < 1 µm fiber radius for our sophisticated fiber glass products.
Each kilogram of paper is produced using the purest spring water, no recycled water is used. Because of their purity our papers are used in the pharmaceutical, biochemical and genetic industries. Accredited laboratories attest to the extremely low mineral and heavy metal content of the papers.
They are chemically inactive. The mechanical composition of the surface can vary greatly; the surface can be additionally calendered, felt marked or creped, as well as coated with different materials, e.g. polyethylene.

Flexibility is high on our agenda. Depending on what the paper is to be used for we choose the best solution for you from our existing product portfolio. Or we can customize the paper by specifically pre-treating the cellulose fibres and by individually adjusting the paper machines to produce the paper with the desired properties. We develop tailor-made products under a non-disclosure agreement. We also offer exclusive papers.

Our competence enables us to manufacture papers with a multitude of different properties. For example:

  • highly voluminous and therefore absorbent papers that nevertheless
  • possess a very high tear and wet strength
  • papers with a high tensile strength that are extremely stable both in cross direction and machine direction
  • soft, shock absorbent and pliant papers to guarantee that highly sensitive materials will not be damaged when they come into contact with the paper
  • papers with high temperature resistance
  • high density papers with an even, compact structure
  • product uniformity from one production batch to the next

The quality of raw materials used and our manufacturing processes ensure that age and light resistance are a given in our papers.