Indicator and reagent papers for impregnation (raw papers)

Recommended for the production of test strips by impregnation with specific reagents via roll-to-roll or via dipping of sheets.

Made from ultrapure cotton linters and cellulose, entirely without any additives to ensure that no interference will occur with the reagents and their detection reaction.

Homogenous dispersion of the impregnation solution. High consistency in thickness and capillary force lot to lot. High wet strength for safe handling during reel-to-reel impregnation.



  • Production of indicator strips used for chemical detections in liquids and gases.
  • Use as raw paper for indicators to detect humidity and radioactive irradiation.
  • Use as proof of sterilising performance of autoclaves (Bowie Dick test).
Grade Weight [g/m²] Thickness [mm] Capillary rise [mm / 10min] Wet strength Water column [mm]
23SL 250 0,44 140 (30 min) 1300
597nf 82 0,17 75 1300
2316 165 0,34 115 (30 min) 300
3469 192 0,35 75 350

Available as rolls, sheets and customised cuts.