OEM/Private Label

Hahnemühle gives you the opportunity to complete your high value products with our reliable papers. As original equipment manufacturer (OEM) we are pleased to cut and convert papers according your needs and even to develop new grades.

The experience we have as a long standing, high quality filter paper producer is beyond dispute and with our structure, it enables a quick reaction to any customer demand.

With our production site located for hundreds of years in Dassel, Germany, we have a continuance of well-trained employees which is both beneficial and advantageous to our customers and the company.

The exchange of knowledge and cooperation between the generations has provided us and our products with the advantage of high standards of consistency. This in turn helps us to continuously improve our existing
products and develop new ones.

Our machinery allows us to be flexible with finishing requirements in accordance to customer demands. We can produce a variety of different widths, lengths or formats.

We look forward to receiving your product enquiries.

Hahnemühle FineArt GmbH

Hahnestrasse 5
D-37586 Dassel
Sales office for Germany, Austria,  Italy, France, Morocco, Tunisia,
Algeria, Egypt, Middle East, Gulf Countries, South Africa, China, Central & South America
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Phone + 49 5561 791 687

Sales office for Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, UK, Russia, Turkey, USA, Canada, India
Phone + 49 5561 791 688
Facsimile + 49 55 61 79 13 77

United Kingdom:
Hahnemühle UK

Suite 6, St. Mary's Court
Carleton Forehoe
Sales office for UK and Eire
Phone + 44 845 3300 129
Facsimile + 44 1603 757 915