Technical Specialty Papers

When choosing special papers our well-known customers in the manufacturing and processing industry place great emphasis on reliability, consultancy and customer service. They have confidence in our development performance and our process and product specific papers employed in many different production processes or finished products. Out of a total of 500 different paper qualities
in our complete product range we offer our industrial customers roughly 150 qualities for a number of very different technical applications or scents. Our papers are used as base materials or as components in manufactured products, as an aid in the production of other products or – due to its high absorbency – as a base sheet for chemical materials. We can call upon our extensive expertise when developing new varieties to customer specifications. Our referees include global market leaders from a variety of traditional and innovative sectors of the manufacturing and processing industries. We – and our customers – are continually discovering new applications and application settings for our products.

Hahnemühle papers possess enormous application potential:
They absorb moisture, protect sensitive surfaces, are used as base paper and coated with adhesives and polymers, etc., strengthen packaging, absorb and emit fragrances, protect as interlayer, gently cushion as packaging, stabilise as cardboard, can be impregnated, absorb shocks, conserve literature, transport liquids and fragrances, resist high temperatures, can be recycled … they are an integral part of industry and our lives!

We are convinced that you will also discover our paper to be an efficient aid in your manufacturing process or that it will boost the quality of your finished product.

Do you have any queries or ideas for a project? We are responsive to your individual wishes and can produce excellent references. Contact us!