Our Product Properties

Our existing product portfolio and our potential for new developments encompass the following services:

  • minimum production batch of 1000 kg
  • 100% pure cellulose or 100% cotton linters, as well as specific blends
  • recycling material is not used
  • grammages range from 60 g/m² to 700 g/m² (unsized) and from 90 g/m² to 600 g/m² (stock sized)
  • this corresponds to a thickness of 0,1 mm to 1,5 mm (laminated even thicker)
  • width of rolls or sheets up to 128 cm
  • smooth surface, with felt markings or creped
  • surfaces can be laminated or coated with different materials, e.g. with PE
  • free of mineral compounds and heavy metals
  • acid free, pH neutral
  • low residual combustion
  • photo-chemically inactive
  • no radioactive radiation
  • soft and pliant, can be used as a protective and shock absorbent material
  • high tear and tensile strength
  • absorbent
  • high wet strength
  • high volume to absorb liquids
  • a variety of white tints or colours according to client specification
  • heat stable to 240 degrees for a limited period of time
  • complies with currently valid requirements of the BgVV, Recommendation XXXVI for food contact applicable in Germany and the FDA, 21 CFR Ch.1 (edition 1st of April 2004), § 176.170
  • plus: development of paper qualities in close cooperation with our clients!

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