PES (Polyethersulfone) Syringe Filters

For volumes up to 200ml syringe filters are the most practical tool. Due to its low, unspecific adsorption characteristics for proteins and the outstanding high flow rate, the syringe filters with a PES membrane are very suitable for the filtration of biological solutions with small volumes (<200ml).
The high flow rate and mechanical stability of the membrane enable very high total throughput and quick sterilisation of small volumes of biological fluids and particle removal. 
For easy handling, they offer a Luer-Lock (male) as an outlet and a Luer-Lock (female) as an inlet. The PES syringe filters are HPLC tested and show a minimum for extractable of <0,1%. The housing is made of polypropylene.

Hydrophilic PES membranes have a high degree of porosity. So they perform with an excellent throughput of aqueous solutions. Due to their asymmetric membrane structure, they combine higher flow rates with high physical stress resistance in the final device: Larger pore openings at the feed surface, and a narrowing of the pore diameter toward the bottom surface of the membrane. Their low non-specific protein binding makes them suitable for filtering biological and pharmaceutical solutions without any effects on the ingredients, due to adsorption or decomposition. Their low level of extractable prevents contamination of culture media, preparations of drugs, pharmaceuticals, or infusion solutions. In addition, they pass the strict test for biocompatibility and cytotoxicity according to USP Standard.


  • Separation of aqueous solutions for biological and clinical analyses
  • Filtration in the Pharmaceutical and Food&Beverage industry
  • Sterilisation of biological solutions, e.g. preparations of drugs, pharmaceuticals or infusion solutions
  • Filtration of proteins and enzymes
  • Biological and clinical analyses
  • All major liquid and gas filtration applications
  • Sterilisation of buffers, serums and culture media (0.2 μm)

Typical Properties:

Filtermaterial: Polyethersulfone

Membrane diameter: 25 mm 30 mm
Housing material Polypropylene Polypropylene
Inlet Female Luer-Lock Female Luer-Lock
Outlet Male Luer-Slip Male Luer-Slip
Filtration area (cm²) 4.08 5.39
Dead volume (μl) < 100 < 200
Recommended Sample Volume (ml) 10 - 100 > 100
Max. Pressure (bar) 6 6
Reference number Diameter Units/box  
Type: 0.2 μm, non-sterile      
SPES02025100 25 mm 100  
SPES02030100 30 mm 100  
Type: 0,45µm, non-sterile      
SPES04525100 25 mm 100  
SPES04530100 30 mm 100  
Type: 0.2 µm, sterile      
SPESS0202550 25 mm 50  
SPESS0203050 30 mm 50  
Typ: 0.45 µm, sterile      
SPESS0452550 25 mm 50  
SPESS0453050 30 mm 50  

Packing size: non-sterile: 100 units/box
sterile: 50 units/box
500 units/box on request 

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