Target User:

  • Treatment plants for drinking water, sewage and industrial discharges
  • water analysis laboratories, production and supply of drinking water


Target Application:
Gravimetrical analysis of organic and inorganic impurities in water and waste water. Monitoring microbiological contaminants in drinking water.





Sample preparation


Qualitative filter paper

DF 595

Determination of separable compounds 13)

Filtration weighing

Glass micro fibre

GF 6

Filter paper, quantitative analysis


Measurement of solids in suspensions after drying at 105ºC 1) 2) 3)

Filtration, Weighing

Glass microfibre filter

GF 52

GF 6

Measurement of the total remainder after drying at 180ºC 4) 5)

GF 52

GF 6

Solids and volatiles after incineration at 550ºC 6)

GF 50

Floatable particles 7)

GF 52, GF 6

Coloration 2)


GF 6, GF 50

Radioactivity of  water

Measurement of metals

Measurement of total and dissolved organic carbon 8) 9) 10)

Filtration, Combustion-infrared

0.45 µm cellulose acetate/ mixed cellulose ester

AC 045

MCE 045

Filtration, Oxidation

Glass microfibre filter

GF 6, GF 52

Measurement of dissolved iron 2)


0.45 µm cellulose acetate

AC 045

Measurement of metals

(pre-filtration) 11)

Filtration, Atomic absorption spectrometry

0.45 µm cellulose acetate

AC 045

Measurement of oils and fats 12)

Buchner funnel

Filter paper quantitative analysis


Measurement of metals

589/1, 589/3

Testing radioactivity of water 14)

Precipitation (Ra)

0.45 µm cellulose acetate

AC 045

Measurement of non-metallic inorganic compounds 15)


Filter paper quantitative analysis

589/1, 589/3


Measurement of oils and fats 12)

Extraction with Soxhlet Tecator

Cellulose extraction cartridges



Microbiological analysis of drinking water


Sterile cellulose mixed ester

0.2 / 0.45 µm, white, gridded

MCES 020 47 BC

MCES 045 47 BC

Sterile cellulose nitrate membranes, 0.2 µm or

0.45 µm, white, gridded,


even as monitor (E-)

NCS 020 50 BC

NCS 020 47 BC

NCS 045 50 BC

NCS 045 47 BC

ENCS 045 47 BC

Microbiological analysis of drinking water, legionella

Sterile cellulose nitrate membrane, 0.45 µm, black, gridded,

even as monitor (E-)

NCS 045 47 NC


ENCS 045 47 NC


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