Seed analysis

Customers can choose the optimum paper from a wide range of filtration products for Industrial and Laboratory applications.

Hahnemühle is the preferred and trusted Seed Testing Paper manufacturer for many Seed Testing Companies around the world. They are reassured in the quality of our products as our mill production processes are tailored to adhere to the strict guidelines set by the International Seed Testing Association (ISTA).


  • All papers are made of pure Cellulose and are free from mould, bacteria and any toxic substances which might interfere with the growth of seeds.
  • Sufficient moisture is stored for the whole duration of the test.
  • The papers have an open pore structure for a high degree of water absorption, but the roots are not able to grow into the paper.
  • The conductivity of the papers is lower than 40 mS/m and the pH is between 6.0 and 7.5.
  • All seed testing papers meet the ISTA and AOSA rules. We offer a broad range of papers for the various germination methods TP, BP and PP.


Target User:

  • Seed manufacturers
  • Seed testing institutes


Target Application:

The high purity of the Hahnemühle germination test papers are the right tool for testing the germination of medium large and coated seeds (sugar beet, fodder beet, grain, sunflower, rapeseed, mustard), seeds with small, white rootlets, grain, very sensitive seeds, small seeds (flowers, grasses)





Measurement of fats

Extraction with:

Soxhlet / Tecator

Cellulose extraction thimbles

900, 901

Seed germination

PP Method

(Pleated Paper)

Germination test paper,           pleated strips, white                                                 grey

                                                wrapping strips




TP Method

(Top of Paper)

Germination test paper

for petri dishes and for

Jacobsen tank

Thin, 81g

Thin, 140g

Creped, 135g

Paper board

Paper board

Paper board

Thin, 165g

Thin, 150g




3621 light blue

3633 light blue

3644 blue

3645 yellow


BP Method

(Between Paper)

Germination test paper



Dust control

Particle collection by dustmeter

Glass microfibre with binder

GF 9

Prevention of  penetration by roots, protection of surfaces


Absorbent paper with polyethylene layer on one side

295 PE