Our Forte

In the specialty paper sector we concentrate on the following core skills:

  • comprehensive repertoire of different raw material qualities in cellulose, linters and fibre glass; more than 150 different paper qualities!
  • hundreds of years of experience in developing the recipes for specialty papers
  • flexible cylinder mould and Fourdrinier paper machines enable efficient and attractive production including small volumes
  • standardized test procedures to the highest possible monitoring level and specification safeguard
  • comprehensive options in converting into rolls and various sheet formats
  • product uniformity from one batch to the next and very high delivery reliability

We move with the times and are continuously developing innovative and cutting edge papers for our target markets. Over the course of hundreds of years we have proved that we are open to the extremely creative and varied ideas and wishes of our customers. We regularly train new papermakers in the latest technology thereby passing on our knowledge and expertise to the next generation and investing in the continued further development of papermaking skills. Because the real skill of a papermaker lies in getting the formula right when developing a new quality with new properties. You can rely on our experienced papermakers and the flexibility of our paper machines to convert new formulae into the finished product.

Our quality assurance and development departments maintain close contact with our various raw material suppliers. This ensures both flexibility in paper properties and our ability to deliver. Our customers can develop their ideas together with our development team thereby ensuring the greatest possible competitive advantage in their market segment. Intense quality testing guarantees our customers that they receive the best product for their particular application.

We work together with renowned and accredited test laboratories and if so desired we can have our papers tested for specific properties. If the customer desires we issue a certificate of analysis as written documentation.