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Molecular biology - Purifying and identifying

Objectives in purifying and identifying biological material such as DNA, RNA, antibodies, etc.:

  • Rapid isolation of DNA or RNA, e.g. from viruses such as SARS-CoV-2
  • Sensitive detection of proteins, such as antibodies against bacteria and viruses, by blotting (Northern, Western and Southern blots)
  • Easy production of diagnostic test systems for detecting infectious diseases via DNA, RNA or proteins
  • Contamination-free specimen carrier for detection reactions with enzymes or antibodies (impregnation), e.g. allergy tests

For critical applications of this kind, the high-quality filter media from Hahnemühle offer:

  • Absolute purity of the raw papers used for highly sensitive test procedures
  • Reliable yield in the purification of DNA/RNA using glass fibre filters
  • Good paper wet strength during blotting after gel electrophoresis