Milk and Milk Products

Milk is not just a beverage, but it is numbered among food. It's control starts with the handover from the farmer to the processor of the milk.

Target Application:

Analysis of ingredients, contaminants and microbiological quality according to the § 64 Para.1 and 2  LFBG German law for food, feed and utensils.

The average ash content of our quantitative papers is 0,004%, and 0,002% ash of the hardened quantitative papers - the purest paper in the filter market.

Target User: 

  • QC departments of diaries, cheese diaries and other manufacturers of foods using milk and milk-based products as raw material
  • independent institutes
  • governmental control labs for food and beverages





Analysis according to

§64 LMBG 2) 


(Funnel, e.g. Büchner)

Filter paper, qualitative analysis

604, 595, 597

Gravimetric analysis 2) 

Filter paper, quantitative analysis

589/1, 589/2, 589/3

Detection of metals in fats 2) 

Filter paper for clarification


Measurement of solids in suspensions 2) 

Difference in weight

Glass microfibre filters

GF 52


Clarification of organic samples 1) 

0.45 mm regenerated cellulose syringe filter

SCR 045

Microbiological analyses

Retention of micro-organisms

0.2 mm and 0.45 mm sterile cellulose nitrate membranes, white, gridded

NCS 045 47 BC

NCS 020 47 BC

Degree of whiteness of milk

Sample collection

Cellulose/ synthetic filter


Determination of water content of cheese


Glass microfibre pads

Carrier 29

Carrier 40

Protection of apparatus and surfaces


Absorbent paper with polyethylene layer

295 PE


1)   Commission Regulation (EC) No 213/2001: detailed rules for the application of Council Regulation (EC) No 1255/1999 as regards methods for the analysis and quality evaluation of milk and milk products

2)  §64 LFBG Paragraph 1 and 2. German law for food, feed and utensils