PES (Polyethersulfon) Membranes

Our hydrophilic PES membranes have a particularly high density of pores. As a result, they achieve an outstanding flow rate of aqueous solutions. In addition, their polymeric fiber material allows a high mechanical strength in end devices. With their asymmetric membrane structure, i.e. larger pore openings at the inlet surface and a narrowing of the pore diameter towards the bottom of the membrane, they have a clear advantage over the usual symmetric pore structure.

Their low non-specific protein binding makes them suitable for filtering biological and pharmaceutical solutions without any effects on the ingredients, due to adsorption or decomposition.
Their low level of extractables prevents contamination of culture media, preparations of drugs, pharmaceuticals or infusion solutions. In addition, they pass the strict test for biocompatibility and cytotoxicity according to USP Standards.

  • Separation of aqueous solutions for biological and clinical analyses
  • Filtration in the Pharmaceutical and Food&Beverage industry
  • Sterilisation of biological solutions, e.g. preparations of drugs, pharmaceuticals or infusion solutions
  • Filtration of proteins and enzymes
  • Biological and clinical analyses
  • All major liquid and gas filtration applications
  • Sterilisation of buffers, serums and culture media (0.2 μm)


Main Features

  • Made entirely from pure hydrophilic Polyethersulfone
  • Recommended for aqueous samples, biological applications and protein filtration
  • Particularly high flow rate, even with viscous liquids, due to their high porosity
  • Very low non-specific adsorption
  • Minimum for extractables of <0,1%
  • Suitable for aqueous solutions within a pH range of 1 – 14 short-term, 1 - 13 long-term
  • High mechanical strength and thermal stability up to 120° C/30 min
  • Sterilisation by autoclaving with 121° C or Ethylene oxide
  • Suited for use in pressure filtration devices
  • Filter diameters from 25 mm to 142 mm
  • Asymmetrical pore structure: higher flow rates plus high physical stress resistance
  • Tested for biocompatibility and cytotoxicity according to USP Standard

Typical Properties of the filter material:


Pore size µm Thickness* mm Flow rate** [ml/min] Bubble Point*** [Bar]
0.2 approx. 110 > 21 3.6
0.45 approx. 110 > 50 2.7

* Acc. DIN 53105


** Acc. DIN 58355 average value per cm 2 area at Δ p = 1 bar with water

*** lt. DIN 58355 with water Note: The membrane discs packed in the Hahnemühle product box present the larger pores at the top, when you open the box.
This side shall be the side to applicate the sample for filtration. Please check before use!
The glossy surface with the closer pores is the lower.

Reference number Pore size (µm) Diameter Units/box
PES02025BL 0.2 μm 25 mm 100
PES02047BL 0.2 µm 47 mm 100
PES02050BL 0.2 µm 50 mm 100
PES020142BL 0.2 µm 142 mm 25
PES04525BL 0.45 µm 25 mm 100
PES04547BL 0.45 µm 47 mm 100
PES04550BL 0.45 µm 50 mm 100
PES045142BL 0.45 µm 142 mm 25