Activated carbon filter paper

Recommended for the adsorption of certain molecules in liquids and gases and for the removal of the finest semi-colloidal turbidities.

  • Medium flow rate
  • High absorption rate
  • Minimum of 35 % content of activated carbon
Grade Properties Filtration Herzberg (s) Weight (gsm) Thickness
Black Filter Paper 508 360 196 0,52  


  • For separation of very fine semi-colloidal turbidity
  • Clarification of extracts of soil suspensions, of milk serum, of starch solutions and sugar containing solutions prior to polarimetry and refractometry
  • Absorption of iodine 131 from air
  • For filtration of electroplating bath

Ordering information

Type 508 is available as filter circles with 110 mm. The product reference is structured as described on page 58. Other sizes, sheets, rolls and special cuts are available on request.